Create a support ticket.

When you need advanced help for issues that can’t be resolved with our USEFUL | Docs, you can always count on our friendly support team.

Our friendly support team is available to help you and we know you're busy, so we provide you with the ease of option for you to contact us. Just fill out the form below.

Some tips for useful support ticket.

  • Subjects of Issue. The purpose of the subject is to inform us of what the problem is.
  • Priority. We provide three priorities to choose from: low, medim, high.
  • Website URL. You should definitely include any URLs where the errors are occurring.
  • Details: This part of the form below is where you should include every last little detail you can about the issue at hand.
  • File. Feel free to include screenshots of errors, as this will help the support team to understand what to look out for when attempting to replicate the issue.



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