DSpace at USEFUL.academy General License Information.

DSpace at USEFUL.academy (DUA) - beta - is a Digital Repository that makes the scientific data & research discoverable, freely reusable, and citable.

DUA does not ask that copyright be transferred. However, we require sufficient rights to allow us to distribute submitted articles in perpetuity. In order to submit an article to DUA, the submitter must either:

1. Grant DUA a non-exclusive and irrevocable license to distribute the article, and certify that he/she has the right to grant this license;

2. Certify that the work is available under one of the following Creative Commons licenses and that he/she has the right to assign this license:
- Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0);
- Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA 4.0);
- Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0);
or dedicate the work to the public domain by associating the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0) with the submission.

In the most common case, authors have the right to grant these licenses because they hold copyright in their own work.

DUA cannot accept papers that contain material for which the depositor does not have the authority to submit or to agree to the license terms.

Once publicly available, articles cannot be entirely removed, either at the request of the submitting author or of any co-author.

Licenses granted are irrevocable.

Authors should take care to upload an article only if they are certain that they will not later wish to publish it in a journal that prohibits prior distribution.

Please check the policies of any potential publication venue before uploading to DUA. (For the policy information of many publishers, see the SHERPA/RoMEO site.)

If you have any additional questions about DUA's copyright and licensing policies, please contact us directly.


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