Open Access Policy



A community of the web portal means an author and any other organization or person who use the web portal maintained by SVP4U-KYIV-1-FUND LLC.

Author accepted version means the final, peer-reviewed, corrected version of the paper sent by the author(s) for publication.

Open access means that materials are freely and permanently available in a digital format, according to principles broadly supported by the academic community for the promotion of knowledge.

Digital repository means the online location for collecting, maintaining and disseminating the scholarly output of the community of the web portal


Learning changes lives. That belief is at the heart of everything we do at the web portal

We serve people who care about science. Our real-world skills approachable and designed to meet the most in-demand goals.

Our projects at the web portal developing for discovering and sharing scientific research about the environment, construction, global climate change, green building, biological science.

Our community would like employ technologies that can preserve copies of scientific works for future study and to provide full-text online discoverability of their scholarly works.

In furtherance of these objectives and opportunities, the endorsing parties hereby resolve:


Each author of USEFUL online journal or member of the community of the web portal commits to making his or her accepted scholarly journal articles, scientific work accessible to the global public under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (


each author of USEFUL online journal or member of the community of the web portal hereby agree to make his or her scholarly journal articles, scientific work published in USEFUL online journal accessible to the public through an open-access digital repository based at the web portal

Waivers and Relationship to Publication Agreements.

This resolution is not intended to interfere in any way with an author’s plans to pursue publication of the work or patent rights associated with the work.

However, publication of a work is often subject to an agreement between the author and publisher, and such agreement may include provisions that support access or that are incompatible with this resolution.


Use the DSpace at to deposit your scientific work in our open access repository.

Do you have additional questions about the policy? Contact us.


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