Aims and Scope

USEFUL online journal publishes all its articles in full open access under a Creative Commons Attribution License ( This allows the general public to gain unlimited and free access to scientific articles.

The founders of USEFUL online journal is SVP4U and Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Jointly, they launched the journal in 2017.

USEFUL online journal is a new type of scientific journal in engineering and computer.

By involving a large research community in an innovative peer review process, the journal aims to provide fast access to top-quality papers.

The editorial board comprises leaders in their respective fields who guide the journal with regard to its scope, the types of content it publishes, and of course, the quality of the papers it publishes.

The editorial of USEFUL online journal embodies the following principles: open access, speed, and add-on services.

USEFUL online journal aims to cover all the main areas of engineering and computer science. Generally, of the articles submitted to the journal are standard technical pieces, addressed to a purely academic audience. Also, the editorial welcomes and approves publication other types of articles, like overviews interdisciplinary and etc., addressed to a nontechnical audience.

USEFUL online journal is organized into subject areas (disciplines) that correspond to the different research areas covered by the journal.

We have several formats for publishing articles, reports, and correspondences. See our Information for Authors for details.


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