Attract new readers and update profile

Сomplete your author profile to attract new readers and the scientific community.

Here is our useful tip to helps authors of our online journal USEFUL to attract new readers and the scientific community to their research.

From time to time, update your profile bio can help potential readers learn more about you and why they should read your research. Having an exciting bio on your profile bio can be the difference between a new follower and a click on the back button.

You can in the last paragraph provide insight into your personal life and ways how fans can connect with you like email, facebook, etc.

You must provide us one email address for public view and submit one photo for your profile.

Do not forget to indicate your education and experience it is authority for your research.

And of course, you need have an ORCID ID or Researcher ID. Get these numbers easily and for free, follow the links. Register for ORCID ID and register for Researcher ID.

Please, fill out the form below to submit or update your bio. We review and will update your public profile.

If you have additional questions, or you found any errors in your public profile, please send your request through the support ticket.



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