Preparing Your Manuscript

Please follow guidelines (template) to prepare your article for academic publication in our online journal.

Acceptable file formats: please use Microsoft Word®

The manuscript must be in good scientific American or British English.

Authors may use's Language Editing Service

Microsoft Word®

The manuscript should be arranged in the following order: title, author(s), affiliation(s), abstract, text, acknowledgments, appendixes, and references.

The template in Microsoft Word is available here: (1column.docx).

After preparing the manuscript, send your .docx file through the e-mail: (if you have include supporting information, upload your .zip file).

Abstract: In this place, there should be a summary typewritten in Times New Roman 12 points, line spacing 1.5, double-sided alignment. The abstract should not contain more than 250 words and should describe used methods and obtained results. The abstract should not contain displayed mathematical equations, footnotes, references, graphics, or tabular material.

Keywords: 3-6 keywords written in 10 point Times New Roman font, aligned left.

1. Introduction

To write an article for publication, typewritten in Times New Roman 12-points, line spacing 1.5, double-sided alignment, use Microsoft Word for Windows or for Mac (Word 2013 or higher). Please embed all fonts. Users of Microsoft Word for Mac: Please save all files in DOCX format. Additionally, because font embedding is not possible, usersof Microsoft Word for Mac should limit their font selection to those available from the basic installation.

1.1. Tables and Footnotes

Tables should be created with Word’s Insert Table function and placed within your paper. Footnotes should be inserted using Word’s Insert Footnote. 

1.2. Affilation

Affiliation of authors shall be typed right under their names. If the authors are employed by one entity, a footnote should be placed by the last name, and the text of the footnote shall not repeat the name and address of the institution. You must select the corresponding author and provide his e-mail address. Authors’ names should be has an ORCID number.

1.3. Page setup

Here are the basic settings: Format: A4 US letter (8.5 x 11 inches); article text style: standard, font: Times New Roman – 12 points, normal; alignment: double-sided, spacing: 1.5. Content of headers and footers will be inserted by the editors. Given that the article will be formatted for publication by the editors, rigid line breaks, combining characters and the use of several spaces should be avoided. All pages need to be numbered consecutively.

2. Title of chapter

Numbering styles more complex than X.X. (sections) should be avoided. Before and after each chapter title and section, place a single line spacing. Chapter titles: font Times New Roman – 12 points, bold. Section titles: Times New Roman – 14 points, italic.

2.1. Mathematical formulas

Formulas should be typed using Microsoft Equation, aligned to left and numbered independently of chapters. Font formats in the equations:

- mathematical symbols (e.g. sin, log) – a simple 12 point font;

- variables – italic font 12 points;

- indices (lower / upper) variables (e.g. ij in sij) – 8 point italic font;

- indices (lower / upper) constants (after the naming, i.e. 1 in s1) – a simple 8 point font;

- indices (lower / upper) dependent variables and constants – as above, font – 6 points;

- vectors and matrices – a simple bold font – 12 pt.

   Numbers of formulas typewritten in default font should be enclosed in parentheses on the right side of a given formula (after a single space). A single space should be applied between the main text and a formula as well as between two formulas directly one after another. Explanation of symbols used in the formula shall be typed under: 


where: π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, r is a radius of the circle. 

2.3. Figures, graphics, tables and multimedia

If you embed figures in place in your article-text file, you must to upload individual figure files. For convenience, you can use the free service figshare and provide just link of uploaded file.

Drawings (Fig.1), tables (Tab.1) should be placed in a vertical position. Captions with a single space, Times New Roman – 12 pt.  Figures should be clear, made on white background. Any descriptions in the drawing area, as far as possible, should be done with 8 point font.  

Rows and columns of tables shall be completed in Times New Roman – 8 pt, alignment – centered. It should be noted that the figures are called: diagrams, charts, photos. SI units must be consistently applied in the article.

Submit illustrations in the size and resolution you wish them to appear in print. The maximum width for figure is 7 inches.

For electronic graphic formats use only these file formats: EPS (preferred format), PS, TIFF (.tif), PDF, JPEG (.jpg). Application files (e.g., Corel Draw, Microsoft Word) are not acceptable. 

Set the correct orientation for each graphics file.

Multimedia files can be included in the online version of published papers. Readers can view these multimedia files by simply clicking on a link in the paper. Please add “(Multimedia view)” after the figure citation in text and in the figure caption.  There will be a link placed in the caption to bring the reader directly to the multimedia file. Keep the file size less than 15 MB. Submit all multimedia source files (downloadable web link as Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, dropbox, box and etc.) initially with the manuscript. Use of copyrighted material is not permitted. Please include information about your multimedia files.


References should be set as a double-spaced list at the end of the text. Also, you can use this usefel service by Crossref for create reference record.

Citing - IEEE:

Your Bibliography: 

[1] O. Zhuravskyi and A. Gorobetc, “Experimental and theoretical studies of biaxially prestressed steel-fiber-concrete slabs.,” USEFUL online journal, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 10–14, Oct. 2018.

In-text: [1]

Citing - BibTex:

	doi = {10.32557/useful-2-3-2018-0003},
	url = {},
	year = 2018,
	month = {oct},
	publisher = {{SVP}4U-{KYIV}-1-{FUND} {LLC}},
	volume = {2},
	number = {3},
	pages = {10--14},
	author = {Oleksandr Zhuravskyi and Andriy Gorobetc},
	title = {Experimental and theoretical studies of biaxially prestressed steel-fiber-concrete slabs.},
	journal = {{USEFUL} online journal}

This paper will be listed as the 1th in the list of references and cited as [1].

Use only the generic \cite{} command for referencing in the text, not other commands built on special macros.


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